No spying by the Facebook new audio feature!!

Facebook is making it clear to its users that it will not get into the snooping. It has been announced that audio hearing feature of the Facebook has nothing to do with hearing the private conversation of its users.

Approximately two weeks ago, the Facebook proposed its iOS and Android users that it will hear the audio and out it as status on their wall. This update will be about movies and songs, both that users would be listening and watching.

By default, this option will be off by the Facebook and will only get on when the user wants it. When the user will allow then the Facebook will only recognize then. When the match will be available then the user’s status will be updated itself.

The security head of the Facebook removed the doubt that the service will not spy on the people and their background information when the service will be activated. The Facebook has got over 150 millions of the channels with the song, movies, and dramas.

No Spying by the Facebook new audio feature

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