SSU Cybersecurity experts have intercepted deliveries of components intended for a shipment of Shahed drones and cruise missiles | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

Cybersecurity experts from the Security Service of Ukraine  are actively working to block the supply of components to Russian weaponry, including parts for manufacturing Shahed drones and microchips for cruise missiles.

Ilya Vityuk, the head of the SSU’s Cybersecurity Department, revealed these efforts during a telethon broadcast.

He stated, “We are disrupting supply chains of components for Russian weaponry. One example is the interception of servo motors destined for the production of 1,600 ‘Shahed’ drones and 4,000 microchips for cruise missiles.”

Additionally, Vityuk explained that cyber experts are engaged in frontline operations to neutralize enemy electronic warfare and reconnaissance systems, as well as intercept hostile drones coordinating missile and artillery strikes against Ukrainian defense forces.

According to Vityuk, intelligence gathered by the Cybersecurity Department helps prevent human casualties and thwart cyberattacks. He emphasized that cyber warfare is not abstract but has tangible consequences, citing an incident where Russian intelligence intercepted messages to pinpoint the exact time and location of a military gathering, resulting in casualties.

Over the past two years of full-scale conflict, the SSU has repelled nearly 10,000 cyberattacks, most of which were intercepted at early stages. These attacks had varied objectives, including reconnaissance, destruction, psychological manipulation, or a combination thereof.

Vityuk foresees an escalation in Russian cyber aggression but reminds that the SSU conducts its own cyber operations, countering the enemy in the digital realm and targeting various military assets.



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