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St. Johns County School District use smart badge as alert system | #schoolsaftey

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A successful school year to St. Johns County School District officials means a safe school year for students. Officials say they are using new technology and are working with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office to make it happen.

Mike Strausbaugh, the school district’s Safety Specialist, said his job means he’s looking after 50,000 kids. Being mindful of thousands of students, he said, takes a lot of planning. 

During the summer, Strausbaugh said the school district worked with the SJCSO. Authorities have maps of every school building apart of the district, so first responders have accurate locations of the buildings. Strausbaugh says there will be a deputy at every school.

“We’ve done the preparation and the planning,” Strausbaugh said. 

In the event of an emergency, seconds matter. Strausbaugh keeps a digital birds-eye-view of every St. Johns County school in the palm of his hand. 

Every teacher and staff member is trained and equipped with a smart badge that has a ‘panic button’ installed. The technology the district uses is from a crisis alert company known as Centegix. If an emergency occurred that requires law enforcement, as soon as an adult presses the button, an alarm will go off. Red lights will start flashing and computers will switch to a screen take over.

Strausbaugh says he’s confident the work he and staff members put in over the summer, will ensure students are safe. To the safety and security specialist, Strausbaugh is passionate about his work because he’s a father. 

Matt Loux knows the feeling all too well. His son, Roman, is expected to graduate this year at Tocoi Creek High School. While he’s balancing schoolwork, sports and a social life – Loux just wants his son to be safe, enjoy his senior year and focus on graduating.

“You know he’s taking a rigorous course for the senior year,” Loux said. 

Parents are encouraged to contact the school district at 904-547-7500 if they have any questions or concerns regarding school safety.

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