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St. Louis Dad Sues Daycare Center After Video Captures Worker Abusing 1-Year-Old Girl | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Complaint filed by Finney Injury Law claims Lily Pad Learning Center violated safety laws, enabled employee to mistreat infant

ST. LOUIS, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A St. Louis father is suing Lily Pad Learning Center, claiming the daycare center violated multiple safety laws that resulted in a caregiver abusing his 1-year-old daughter in January 2023. The lawsuit states surveillance video at the facility captured a worker force-feeding the infant to the point of choking and vomiting, slamming her onto a diaper changing table, and demonstrating other abusive treatment for more than 33 minutes. The complaint also claims Lily Pad Learning Center broke state laws by falsifying an incident report about the malicious actions, including the origins of a bruise on the girl’s arm.

Jamyil Thomas, the infant’s father, continued to question workers at Lily Pad Learning Center about the bruises and scratches on his daughter’s body. The lawsuit claims the daycare workers lied about the bruises, pretended his daughter was sick, and gave her “hugs” to soothe her.  When Thomas pressed for more answers, he was finally told the truth four days later, according to the complaint. Thomas then contacted authorities.

An independent investigation conducted by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Childhood–Child Care Compliance found numerous daycare workers either knew about or observed the mistreatment of the infant but did not intervene, endangering the young girl’s life and potentially the lives of other children at the facility. The suit continues Lily Pad Learning Center had 48 citations from August 2019 to the January 2023 incident involving the infant.

“Lily Pad Learning Center’s complete failure in protecting this child, combined with a pattern of demonstrating a disregard for child safety, is deeply concerning,” says Chris Finney, trial attorney and founder of Finney Injury Law, the law firm representing Thomas. “The abuse she experienced is horrific—even the surveillance recording is hard to watch. We aim to hold this negligent daycare accountable for these cruel and terrifying actions.”

The now-former caregiver is currently facing criminal charges for abuse or neglect of a child.

The case is Jamyil Thomas, as next friend and father of Winter Thomas, a minor child, vs. Lily Pad Learning Center #2, LLC, d/b/a Lily Pad Learning Center, Case No. 23SL-CC02459, St. Louis County Circuit Court. A copy of the complaint can be accessed here.

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