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St. Pete Pastor calls for additional safety measures outside elementary school | #schoolsaftey

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A St. Pete pastor is calling for additional safety measures outside Melrose Elementary School.

Currently, there are no flashing lights, speedbumps, or a crossing guard at the intersection of 15th Avenue South and 19th Street.

“This is what the churches are for, the community to help,” said Darryl Page, Vision Discipleship Ministries Pastor.

It’s a typical day for Pastor Page outside of his church where he and other church members volunteer to help kids leaving school to cross the busy street.

“Sometimes when they’re going out, it’s like whoa they could’ve been but thank God it wasn’t,” said Pastor Page.
Pastor Page said the street can be dangerous as many drivers zip by.

“What we try to do is help the kids out,” he said. “We try to slow the traffic down when we see him come out we tell him to slow down a little bit and get them across the street.”

St. Pete Police staff crossing guards at Pinellas County Schools. The department said there are two crossing guards at Melrose Elementary: one at 13th Avenue South and 16th Street and one at 13th Avenue South and 22nd Street South. Pastor Page wants to see a third crossing guard added outside his church.

“We’re looking to work with each other not against because it’s all about the kids not us,” said Page.

Police are now working to address this complaint by:

  • Finding out if city engineering has conducted a traffic study at this location to see if traffic volume would warrant a school zone placement.
  • Notifying traffic units of speeding, especially during school start time and dismissal, and
  • The Crossing Guard Supervisor will also conduct a study to see if a guard placement is necessary for this location

Parents with any concerns can file a complaint online.

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