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Cloud Imperium Games’ latest developer video offers a preview of two new missions coming to Star Citizen sometime in the future.

The first mission will task players with assisting a hacker group of bored rich kids called Bit Zero steal secure data. To accomplish this, they’ll need to infiltrate underground facilities, access the servers holding the data, and defend the servers from waves of enemies and prevent the servers’ owners from destroying them. It promises to be a challenging and action-packed on-foot experience that will use new procedural generation technology that can be used in future missions.

The second mission will come in the form of a new global event called Blockade Runner, which merges cargo runs with space combat and will replace Alpha 3.14’s Nine Tails Lockdown dynamic event, which has unfortunately failed to capture players’ attention. The new event is basically a space trucking simulator where players will need to fly a cargo ship into a heavily guarded station to retrieve a specific commodity then deliver it to another heavily guarded location while avoiding capture.

Based on Cloud Imperium Games’ extremely slow update cadence, it’s probably going to be a while before the new missions are released. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of them in the new developer video below.




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