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Representatives from the company called Dragon Fly Venture Holding recently held talks with the Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure concerning the establishment of a Ljubljana-based carrier called Slovenia Air, which would operate to points in Europe as well as Hong Kong, in a bid to turn the Slovenian capital into a transfer hub for flights between Europe and Asia. The Ministry referred to the company as an airline, although there are no records of Dragon Fly Venture Holding, nor is it listed in the register of the Slovenian Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services. The meeting between the two sides took place two weeks ago.

Commenting on the talks, the Ministry for Infrastructure said, “The meeting was called at the initiative of the carrier. At the outset, the carrier’s representatives highlighted their desire to provide international flights from Slovenia to individual EU member states, as well as third countries (mainly in Asia). Their idea for improving Slovenia’s air connectivity, which includes the establishment of flights to Hong Kong, was presented. Flights would be launched from Ljubljana Airport, and, depending on the development of traffic, Maribor Airport could also be included in the future. They emphasised that public funding for these flights would not be required, but that Slovenia would serve as a transfer point for connections between Europe and Asia”.

Previously, SHS Aviation, which had won a concession for Maribor Airport in 2017, planned to establish a similar airline with flights to Europe and Asia based in Slovenia’s second largest city. Although an airline was established, it was short-lived and SHS Aviation eventually terminated their concession agreement of the airport in 2019. The two are not related. Ljubljana Airport’s former long-time General Manager, Zmago Skobir, previously said it would be theoretically possible for the airport to boast long-haul flights but said it was unlikely.


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