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A career in hacking?! That sounds dreadful! Fear not! Welcome to our discussion on ethical hacking, where we explore the world of hacking within legal boundaries with CEH training.

People often ponder the viability of pursuing a career in ethical hacking, wondering if it offers the same rewards as other IT professions. The uncertainty surrounding the value and benefits of this path can be perplexing, such as whether CEH training and certification can help them acquire a lucrative career. Let’s cut through the clutter and dive into some bite-sized facts to get a clearer picture.

Tid Bits:

  • Many IT departments have made it mandatory for professionals to acquire CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) certification.
  • Most Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Ford Motors, Cisco, Microsoft, Citi Bank, Verizon, and many more, openly trust professionals with a CEH certification.
  • In today’s digital transformation era, organizations from various industries heavily rely on technology. This widespread adoption of digital systems has led to a rising demand for ethical hackers across the board. From government agencies and banking institutions to information technology companies, eCommerce platforms, healthcare organizations, and even the stock market, ethical hackers are sought after in every sector.
  • A CEH credential enables you to choose from many different job roles, including Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Consultant, Information Security Administrator, Cyber Defense Analyst, Penetration Tester, Network Security Engineer, and more.
  • According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs in ethical hacking are expected to increase by a massive 28% by 2026.
  • Startling statistics indicate that a mere 32% of professionals in the technology industry possess the necessary skills to effectively combat the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks. This alarming figure highlights a significant shortage of experts capable of addressing and mitigating the risks posed by cybercriminals.

Don’t these statistics make it abundantly clear that a career in ethical hacking can offer a fulfilling, dynamic, and financially rewarding path? If you’re someone who thrives on tackling new challenges every day, then this profession is tailor-made for you. With its constant innovation and ever-evolving landscape, ethical hacking provides an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the realm of cybersecurity.

Let’s find out what CEH certification is all about and why you should take CEH training to pursue a career in this domain.

What is a CEH certification?

Ethical hacking is often defined as the process of penetrating one’s own computer systems or those under authorized access. It aims to discover vulnerabilities and proactively implement measures to prevent, correct, and safeguard against real-world cyber-attacks.

When it comes to earning certifications in ethical hacking, professionals worldwide place their trust in EC-Council. With a reputation for excellence, EC-Council offers top-notch exams and certificates that are highly regarded in the industry. To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of their certification program, EC-Council has established a range of policies that align with its core objectives. These policies serve to uphold high standards and provide a robust framework for ethical hacking certification.

What a Certified Ethical Hacker Does

So, a Certified Ethical Hacker is a professional who knows how to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer systems or targeted networks. As a certified ethical hacker, you will be required to use the same tools and techniques malicious hackers use. The only difference is that you will legitimately and lawfully use these tools. These tools mainly aim to take corrective, preventive, and protective countermeasures so that hackers cannot attack them.

Comparison to Other Certifications

When compared to other highly regarded certifications such as SANS GPEN, OSCP, and Pentest+, a recent search of global job ads on LinkedIn (as of August 2022) unveiled an impressive finding: over 32,000 open positions were specifically seeking candidates with a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification. This remarkable figure translates to a remarkable 72% market share of job ads placed by employers on prominent platforms such as Career Builder, LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, Monster, and Naukri. The numbers speak for themselves, emphasizing the strong demand for professionals with CEH credentials in the cybersecurity job market.

CEH is one of the best certifications in the field of cybersecurity awarded by the EC-Council. This certification was mainly designed to demonstrate your capability in identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks or computer systems and proficiency in tools and techniques used by black-hat hackers.

Reasons for taking CEH Training and Certification in 2023

The main objective of a CEH certification is:

  • Establish and regulate basic requirements for professional information security specialists’ certification in ethical hacking practices.
  • Let employers or companies know that those with credentials meet or surpass the requirements.
  • Make ethical hacking out to be a distinct and self-governing profession.

While cybercrimes continue to hit news headlines occasionally, the demand for certified ethical hackers is skyrocketing. So, you should start your CEH training right away.

1. CEH is The World’s #1 Ethical Hacking Certification

This credential is one of the most sought-after certifications awarded by the EC-Council. It provides you with worldwide recognition as a professional expert in identifying weakness issues and developing recommendations to deal with them.

  • It is an ANSI-accredited program.
  • It is acknowledged by GCHQ and DoD.
  • As per the market requirements and the latest trends, the curriculum of CEH is updated regularly.
  • It includes practical aspects of ethical hacking.
  • Around the creation and upkeep of the certification, strict requirements are maintained.

2. It Enables You To Think Like Hackers

You have to think like hackers to safeguard your network and systems. A CEH credential provides you with an insight into a hacker’s mindset so that you can project and counter their steps.

3. Makes Your CV Attractive

A CEH credential added to your curriculum vitae makes you stand out as compared to your non-certified peers. Also, many employers are ready to pay lucrative salaries to candidates who possess the certification as it demonstrates that they have undergone rigorous training to understand the concepts of security prevention systems.

4. A CEH Advances Your Career in Cybersecurity

With a CEH credential on your resume, you open your doors to a career that provides you with significant advancements. This simply means higher positions with greater salaries.

5. A CEH Certified Candidate Earns Great Salaries

A Certified Ethical Hacker receives an annual salary of $89,000 on average.

Over the past ten years, CEH has continuously been on the list of well-paid IT certifications.

Start Your Career in Ethical Hacking with CEH Training

Now that you have gone through the potential benefits of a CEH certification, you might wish to attain yours.

It ensures that you meet the eligibility requirements and acquire all the knowledge and skills required to penetrate your organization’s network and find out the smallest possible vulnerabilities or weaknesses. An ethical hacker understands well that a small loophole can result in a huge loss. So, you learn all the tools and techniques that are used by black hat hackers.

A career in ethical hacking offers a rewarding, innovative, and lucrative path for those who are passionate about tackling new challenges daily. The demand for ethical hackers is on the rise, with organizations from various industries relying on their expertise to protect their digital systems. With the right training and certification, professionals can showcase their skills and meet the requirements of this rapidly evolving field. By adopting a hacker’s mindset, ethical hackers identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks and systems, implementing preventive measures to safeguard against cyber-attacks.

With the increasing prevalence of cybercrimes, the demand for certified ethical hackers is booming. CEH training not only enhances career prospects but also equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to make a significant impact in the field of cybersecurity. So, if you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey in ethical hacking, start your CEH training and unlock a world of opportunities to protect and secure valuable digital assets.


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