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State Lawmakers Push to Protect Children from Internet Predators – Erie News Now | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

“As a survivor of abduction and exploitation, I know firsthand the critical importance of having dedicated resources to combat these heinous crimes,” Kozak said. “In my over 20 years of speaking to students across the country, most recently in Pennsylvania, I have seen the devastating impact that online predators can have on young lives. Technology and predator tactics have vastly changed since my ordeal and we must ensure those in this fight are best-equipped to do their work in this ever-evolving tech-based world. Alicia’s Law will empower law enforcement task forces with the tools they need to swiftly identify, apprehend and prosecute these predators. Every child deserves to grow up safe from harm, and each day without this law is a day too many in which children remain vulnerable. Passing Alicia’s Law is a vital step in our commitment to protect our children and ensure justice for those who have suffered. It is time to stand together for Pennsylvania’s children and make it a safer place for every child.”

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