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ATLANTIC – Officials with the Iowa State Patrol and the Atlantic School District are working together to offer a Safety Carnival for junior and senior student on Oct. 17 to help students make good decisions while driving.

In a letter to parents, Atlantic High School Principal Heather McKay explained what activities are part of the carnival, which are as follows:

Seatbelt Convincer – students are buckled into a seat that travels approximately 10 feet and mimics a slow speed (10 mph) crash; Golf Cart Texting Course – Students will drive golf carts through a course designed to illustrate roadway changes (curves, stops, etc.) while composing a text. An ISP Driving instructor will be riding with each student as they attempt to navigate the course while texting.

Pedal Car Course – Students will utilize the pedal car (it’s like an adult big wheel) while wearing Drunk goggles to illustrate challenges of navigating the roadway while intoxicated; Field Sobriety Testing – Students will complete the Standard Field Sobriety tests while wearing the Drunk goggles to show how impairment affects their ability to perform routine tasks.

Virtual reality goggles – Our driving simulator that uses VR goggles will give students an opportunity to navigate different challenges presented through the simulator program. and Crashed Camaro – Vehicle that was traveling over 149mph and crashed at 104 mph in July 2022, killing the three teenage occupants in Dubuque. Car has not been altered (exception of reconnecting roof) so students can see firsthand the extensive damage related to high speed crashes. The vehicle still has contents from night of the crash (Shoes, etc.) so students can see reality of choosing to drive excessive speeds. There is also an accompanying video we will show that interviews the family and friends of the female victims, and law enforcement who covered the crash who remain affected by this tragedy. (The ISP Technical Investigator who conducted the crash reconstruction will be present to talk about the event).

“The primary goal of this program is to profoundly impact teenagers by illustrating the potentially dire consequences of alcohol consumption and distractions while driving,” McKay said in the letter.”The Safety Carnival is a powerful program designed to challenge our students to contemplate the dangers of drinking, texting while driving, personal safety, and the importance of making responsible decisions when lives are at stake. Shockingly, nearly 13,000 people lose their lives each year in alcohol-related collisions, with thousands more falling victim to distracted drivers. Our objective is to educate our students so that they can make informed choices and steer clear of risky driving habits.”

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