HERDON, VA – Today, Donald J. Trump delivered remarks regarding the promise of a Trump Administration taking immediate action on cybersecurity. General Robert Magnus USMC (Ret.), Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-VA), Michael Wynne, Former Secretary of the Air Force and Peter Hoekstra, Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee issued the following statements praising Donald Trump’s leadership on cybersecurity:

“Today Donald Trump delivered a powerful speech on the grave dangers America is experiencing with cyber attacks. Unlike other candidates, it is clear that he takes seriously and understands this complex threat to our very way-of-life. His plan to defend against cyber threats and to counter these attacks shows that he is a responsible leader for our country who takes our national security as a core duty of the Presidency.” -General Robert Magnus, USMC (Ret.)

“Mr. Trump is correct that to truly make America safe, we must make cybersecurity a major priority for our national defense. We need strong, bold leadership to ensure that Americans are safe and our military remains dominant in the cyber domain. I applaud Mr. Trump’s plans to build up our cyber capabilities along with our traditional Armed Forces.” – Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-VA), Co-Chairman of the Congressional China Caucus

“Donald Trump has issued a detailed, nuanced, and serious plan for keeping America safe in an age of cyber threats. By emphasizing not just keeping our infrastructure secure but putting our country on offense in the cyber domain, Mr. Trump has shown he has the vision our country needs to fight the battles of the coming decades.” – Michael Wynne, Former Secretary of the Air Force

“The vision Donald Trump has laid out on cybersecurity is exactly what is required for these dangerous times- bold, serious, and innovative. He understands that we must tackle the cyber threat comprehensively, and that includes being willing to take the offensive. And it means government and the private sector working together. This is a vision for national security that our country desperately needs.” – Peter Hoekstra, Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee


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