Staten Island Borough Pres. Vito Fossella says secession from New York City should be discussed on “The Point” | #schoolsaftey

Would Staten Island secede from New York City? Could a potential school bus strike pose a security threat?

We got answers to lots of questions this week. 

Talking Points

Staten Island has a zoo, a ferry, an angry wild turkey population and a lot of deer, but Borough President Vito Fossella is up to his ears with other problems. 

Watch Marcia Kramer’s conversation with Fossella here or in the player below. 

Staten Island borough president says idea of seceding should be taken seriously

Inspector Kevin Taylor is head of the NYPD School Safety Division, which is responsible for nearly 1 million students. 

Watch Kramer’s conversation with Taylor here or in the player below. 

NYPD School Safety Division head on measures for new school year

Your Point

Did you have a favorite teacher growing up? We asked New Yorkers to share their advice for the men and women charged with educating our kids now. 

What advice do New Yorkers have for teachers?

Exclamation Point

In a conversation only on CBS News New York, Fossella discussed his opposition to congestion pricing and some of his hidden talents. 

Watch the conversation here or in the player below. 

Staten Island borough president on congestion pricing, hidden talents and more

“The Point with Marcia Kramer” airs every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on CBS2, right after “Face the Nation.” Then turn to CBS News New York at noon for “Exclamation Point,” an extended conversation with our guests.   

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