Stay on the good side with this Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle

Although originally referring to a more innocent though mostly defiant pursuits, “hacking” has taken a negative character, especially in mainstream media. Now associated more with unauthorized intrusions into servers, websites, and computers, hacking is mostly regarded as an activity that only criminals and miscreants take part of. Hacking, however, can also be used for good, to highlight weaknesses and holes in security system. This is what is commonly called as ethical, or “white hat”, hacking, and this Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle will teach you how exactly to become one.

There has been a frightening rise in the number of incidents surrounding compromised services, defaced websites, and stolen personal data. Hackers are, naturally, blamed for such criminal activities. But in order to harden a computer network or system, one has to know the weakest links and unintended backdoors. And who better to know that than hackers themselves.

Enter the ethical hacker, a rare breed of the computer elite who do enjoy breaking down virtual doors or snooping around digital fences but who also believe in preserving privacy and security for the common good. It also happens to be a fast-growing lucrative source of income, especially considering recent events. Now you can start your journey into becoming one of those white hat hackers with this course. Learn about they types of security layers and how to peel them like onions, or how to lure unsuspecting users into a malware-laden trap.

Hopefully, of course, this knowledge will be used in order to improve the state of security over the Internet as well as on mobile devices. Collecting 9 courses containing dozens of hours of video content and hundreds of lectures, the Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle is yours for a lifetime for only $49.


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