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Developer MAGES hosted a 14th-anniversary livestream for the second entry in the Science Adventure series, Steins;Gate. Ayano Yamamoto and Kanako Itou were both present, with the latter doing live vocal performances of various songs throughout various Steins;Gate releases.

The video’s description has been translated below via our team’s Ryuji:

In commemoration of the STEINS;GATE x Akihabara Radio Kaikan collaboration fair, the STEINS;GATE 15th anniversary 1st Operation: Operation Glasheim Palace of Joy, has been held since September 23.

On October 15, during the 14th anniversary of the release of STEINS;GATE, a special live performance will be held by Kanako Ito, the singer of the theme songs of all the songs in the STEINS;GATE series! She will sing on a special stage set up with a time machine on Akihabara Radio Kaikan’s roof, an important place for the series.

Itou performed the original Steins;Gate visual novel’s opening, “Skyclad Observer,” the PSP port’s opening, “Space Engineer,” the true ending song, “Another Heaven,” the anime opening of Steins;Gate 0, “Fatima,” and the opening of the original’s anime adaptation, “Hacking to the Gate.”

Timestamps to each vocal performance are listed below:

You can view the full anniversary broadcast below:

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