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Good morning. The US avoids default, Russia accuses the US of hacking iPhones and Rishi Sunak refuses to hand over text messages to a Covid-19 inquiry. Here’s what people are talking about.

The Senate passed legislation to suspend the US debt ceiling and impose restraints on government spending through the 2024 election, ending a drama that threatened a global financial crisis. The measure now goes to President Joe Biden, who forged the deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and plans to sign it just days ahead of a looming US default. The 63-36 vote on the bill was carried by moderates in both parties, many of whom aired their misgivings about parts of the deal but were convinced that their concerns weren’t worth risking the havoc a default would unleash. “If we do this we will not default,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said just before the vote. “That is very, very important.” 


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