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The Ohio School Safety Center and Ohio Traffic Safety Office are inviting Ohio students in grades 9-12 to participate in a school bus safety video contest as part of the #SafeStreetsSafeSchools campaign. The goal of this contest is to highlight ways students can contribute to a safe environment on and around school buses. 

Safe Streets Safe Schools is a campaign to help keep students safe from the moment they leave their house to head to school, at school, and until they arrive safely back home. The campaign centers on tips for keeping students safe whether they are driving, a passenger in a car or bus, walking to school, how they behave at school, and at after-school activities. Visit the Safe Streets Safe Schools website to access resources, including scripts for morning announcements, a social media toolkit, newsletters and more. 

Winning submissions will be used in a statewide marketing campaign for school bus safety. 

Contest Submission Requirements

All submissions should follow the below requirements. 

  • Must be one minute or shorter in duration.
  • Must incorporate #SafeStreetsSafeSchools either in writing or verbally. 
  • Must cover topics related to school bus safety. Some initial ideas for topics are below but the contest is not limited to these ideas.

    • School bus safety drills
    • How to enter/exit a school bus safely
    • How to act while on the bus
    • Preventing distractions for drivers 
    • What to do during a bus emergency (accident, medical emergency, or safety incident)
    • What to do when you observe bullying or fighting on a bus
    • How to report suspicious activity on a bus 

  • Only one video per school may be submitted. Schools are encouraged to be creative and show school spirit while promoting school bus safety by inviting the school mascot, school bus drivers, or school staff members to get involved. 
  • Videos featuring people or digital versions featuring cartoons or slideshows will be accepted. If filming on a school bus, ensure the vehicle is not in motion and it has been discussed with the driver in advance.

View the YouTube upload instructions for additional information.

The deadline for submissions is April 19, 2024. Schools with winning submissions will be notified in May. 

For submission questions, email [email protected].


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