‘Students Against Destructive Decisions’ CCA chapter hosts successful charity event for anti-gun violence awareness in school | #schoolsaftey

Two student-led organizations, the Students Against Destructive Decisions chapter (SADD) at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) and the Youth Anti Gun Violence Club (YAGV), recently joined forces to organize a charity event, “Protect Our Peace Talent Show and Art Auction”, according to a news release.

This event, which was held Sept. 30 at Greene Music in San Diego, not only captivated the local community, inviting over 70 attendees, but also showcased remarkable performances while spreading the message of anti-gun violence and mental health awareness. In a remarkable display of solidarity, the event raised over $600, all of which was donated towards the Sandy Hook Promise Organization, an organization dedicated to preventing school shootings as well as providing victim relief.

Meticulously planned by both parties over the summer, this benefit concert was organized with the purpose of shedding light on the critical issues of gun violence and mental health among high school students. In her opening speech, event lead Dora Zhang articulated the pressing concern: “It should be a given that students are able to feel safe in schools. Yet, due to the presence of school shootings, this is nearly impossible.”

SADD and YAGV invited more than 30 talented performers, spanning a variety of artistic genres, to participate in a two-hour program that left the audience both entertained and inspired.

The afternoon began with a mesmerizing piano performance of Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven and ended with a chamber music ensemble that filled the room with enchanting melodies such as Autumn Waltz and Butterfly Lovers. Dancers breathed life into their energetic choreography on stage, while a magician astounded the crowd with mind-bending tricks.

One of the event’s greatest highlights was the arts auction featuring over 25 pieces created by elementary to high school students. These unique works of art caught the eyes of many guests at the event, prompting many of them to place bids ranging from $20 to $100.

North County String Ensemble closing off the event with their mesmerizing tone.

(Sean Huang)

Other than an amazing arts auction, the students came up with other creative items to be sold. Goodie bags filled with a variety of sweets were displayed, individually packaged with warmth and care. Other unique trinkets and items, such as wooden birdhouses for DIY painting or paper lanterns, were popular favorites among the children.

The charity event not only showcased the incredible talents of local students but also fostered a sense of unity and purpose within the community, raising awareness about gun violence issues affecting high school students. In the wake of a successful event, their efforts in supporting a good cause serve as an inspiring example of how young people can make a positive impact on their peers and their community. — News release

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