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Students learn road safety at Conneaut Safety Town | News | #schoolsaftey

CONNEAUT — A miniature replica of the city comes alive each year at Lakeshore Primary School as soon to be kindergartners learn at Safety Town.

The buildings have been designed to make sure children get a feeling that their bicycle knowledge feels very familiar.

The Conneaut Lions Club has been a big part of the Safety Town experience for decades.

The two-week event is scheduled to end on Saturday with a second graduation ceremony at the school, according to Conneaut Police Officer Greg Korabek, who puts the event together with Conneaut Area City Schools seventh-grade teacher Jodie Pape.

Korabek said the Conneaut Lions Club receives donations from area businesses and then creates the buildings, traffic lights, stop signs and buys the tricycles for the children.

Korabek said there were about 25 upcoming kindergarten students in the class last week and another 25 students this week.

The students spent a week learning a variety of safety traffic safety tips, experiencing them live on the course and in the classroom.

The course allows the students to get in traffic jams, learn from their mentor and realize they can’t drive wherever they want.

The mentors gently move their kindergarten students along the course with suggestions and reminders what the traffic rules are for motorists, or tricyclists.

Pape runs an indoor classroom while Korabek handles the outside traffic portion of the experience.

Pape said it is important for the students to learn about safety issues.

Conneaut Area City Schools junior and senior high school students work one-on-one with the children.

Developing a positive relationship with the police department is also a big part of the program, Korabek said. He said he tries to let the students know the police are their friends.

Korabek said there are guest speakers and a police dog involved in the educational week.

“I enjoy helping the kids,” said Jenna Herd, a Conneaut High School student.

Korabek said the students get a class credit for helping out during the two weeks of Safety Town.

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