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With the calendar moving to a new year, it’s time for businesses – and consumers – to also turn the page. This time, on cyber safety. New data out from Tenable finds that a majority of consumers aren’t practicing the basics when it comes to cyber security.

The recent Equifax data breach exposed more than 140 million Americans’ data to fraudsters, but only about 12% of Americans believe their personal data has been hacked. And, while most (94%) of consumers say they’ve ‘heard of’ data breaches, Tenable’s data shows that only about one-quarter of consumers have enabled two-factor authentication, only about half use passwords on their computers, and fewer than half (45%) use PINs to secure their mobile devices.

“Consumers are falling victim all the time, and so not surprisingly they feel powerless, they feel like they shouldn’t bother trying [to protect themselves],” said Amit Yoran, CEO, Tenable. “Wherever you can, enable two-factor authentication for online services. It can save you a tremendous amount of pain. Update your apps and your computer. Finally, don’t share your passwords – to your computers, your mobile devices. Do these basic things and you’re going to minimize the probability that you’ll fall victim.”

Because so many consumers aren’t practicing cyber hygiene, Tenable’s experts believe businesses and marketers must do even more to protect the consumer data they hold.

“For enterprises, the things that trip up most are again basic cyber hygiene failures. Enterprises should do the same things that consumers do: exercise reasonable standards of care by applying the patches and fixes to apps and computers, use two-factor authentication, and don’t share passwords,” said Yoran.

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