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HSWERX, in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Technology Transfer & Commercialization Branch (T2C), will host an Assessment Event (AE). The purpose of the AE is for industry, academia, laboratories, and non-traditionals to provide solutions for automotive vehicle cybersecurity.


DHS is looking for validated technologies and processes (e.g., training, CONOPS) that would allow operators to diagnose and mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the vehicle fleet and respond to any anticipated/current cyber-physical threats against the vehicle fleet. The solution should allow operators to:

  • Identify rogue devices or faulty firmware on the vehicle that could pose a threat to the vehicle/vehicle fleet;
  • Turn off any systems that would allow adversaries to access vehicle systems remotely;
  • Defend against and counter adversary-led attacks against vehicles in the fleet;
  • Enable parametric analysis to show the impact of risks to the vehicle fleet;
  • Complete pre- and post-mission tasks to ensure vehicle safety and train operators in vehicle cybersecurity best practices.

Why You Should Participate

DHS seeks to enter into non-FAR or FAR-based agreements with Industry, Academic, and National Lab partners whose solutions are favorably evaluated by DHS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). As such, the AE is considered competitive, and solutions will be evaluated independently of one another primarily for technical merit.

Event Timeline

Phase 1- July 12, 2023 HSWERX hosted an industry, academia, and laboratories collaboration event to curate the DHS problem set.

Phase 2– September 22, 2023 to October 20, 2023 Submissions to the Assessment Event Open: Interested respondents who could potentially provide solutions that meet the needs of DHS are encouraged to submit their capability for DHS review. To submit your technology for potential Phase 4 attendance (see below), please review the assessment criteria and follow the submission instructions that will be near the bottom of this webpage.

Phase 2a – October 04, 2023 Q&A Telecon:  Interested offerors may participate in a virtual Q&A session to better understand DHS’s specific technology objectives. The telecon will take place on October 04 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM ET.

Phase 3 – October 23, 2023 to November 03, 2023 Down-select: DHS SMEs will down-select those respondents/submissions they feel have the highest potential to satisfy their technology needs. Favorably evaluated submissions will receive an invitation to attend the AE on/around November 03, 2023.

Phase 4 – November 14, 2023 to November 16, 2023 Assessment Event: During the AE, selected participants will be allotted a one-on-one session with the DHS evaluation panel to pitch, demonstrate, and/or discuss their solutions. The forum will include a Q&A portion and discussions may continue outside of the event. Guidelines for solution briefing presentations will be outlined in the event invitation and solutions will be assessed according to the criteria in the link provided below. If the DHS evaluation panel favorably evaluates a solution briefing, negotiations for Phase 5 may begin immediately.

This event will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Phase 5 – Path Forward:  Successfully negotiated awards may fall under any combination of these categories:

  • Business to business research and development agreement as a sub-award through the HSWERX Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) under 15 U.S.C. 3715
  • OTA for research or prototype projects
  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (15 U.S.C. 3710a)
  • Prize competitions (15 U.S.C. 3719)
  • FAR-based procurement contract

NOTE:  Awardees may need to be compliant with NIST SP 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in Non-Federal Systems and Organizations.

How You Can Participate

Government, Industry, Academia, National Labs, and Non-Traditional Attendees:

  1. RSVP to Attend the Q&A Telecon: Click Here to RSVP (NLT October 03)
  2. Review Assessment Criteria: Click Here to Review
  3. Download the White Paper Template: Click Here to Download
  4. Complete the Submission Form: Click Here to Submit (NLT October 20, 11:59 PM ET)

Questions? For event-related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim: [email protected]

Contact Information

Primary Point of Contact

Alex Karr – [email protected]



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