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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hackers are revealing future premium DLC content like unreleased characters and skins. While Warner Bros. is trying to remove all evidence of the future content from social media sites, the content is popping up within multiplayer sessions of the game itself.

Some hacked Suicide Squad DLC characters may not be released until season 4

One of the characters seen within multiplayer sessions is Deathstroke, although the character model didn’t load up properly when viewed by other players. Other reports on Reddit that have been compiled by IGN include new skins for King Shark and The Joker, the latter of which has only just been released for Season 1.

The latest rumors from insider Miller Ross suggest Deathstroke may not be released until Season 4. He comes amidst a new storyline that will also see Batman return to Metropolis “after being rescued from a medieval-themed Elseworld of supervillain Brainiac’s design, joining The Flash and Green Lantern as the Justice League continues to reform following the events of the game’s campaign.” Season 4 is expected to go live in January 2025 and the storyline will supposedly conclude in Season 5.

Current reports are also suggesting that support for Suicide Squad will end with Season 5. Despite having plans for further seasons, a decreasing player count and “lacklustre performance” make it seem unlikely the game will last much longer. Sales of the game don’t seem to have improved with the release of Season 1 at the end of March, and the fact that hackers are accessing future premium content for free isn’t terribly encouraging.

As well as adding The Joker as a new playable character, Season 1 also included new boss fights, more enemy variants, a new playable environment, DC villain themed weapons and gear, and more. Seasons 2-4 will add three new playable characters and environments, as well as weapons, themed gear sets, and activities.


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