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Summer Reading: The education sector struggles with evolving cyberthreats | #schoolsaftey

The education sector has become a prime target for cybercrime due to the vast amount of valuable personal data available and a combination of understaffing in information technology, lagging security standards and limited funding to improve both. Ransomware attacks, which encrypt and lock valuable files and systems until a ransom is paid, are a particular scourge for school districts.

Education data breaches hit a record high in 2021 and show no signs of slowing down. Recent months have seen districts and even a state education department exposed in attacks on third-party vendors, the realization that school safety plans could be at risk of being leaked and undermined in data breaches, and the introduction of a bipartisan proposal to strengthen K-12 cybersecurity.

To help you get caught up on this constantly evolving issue, we’ve gathered a selection of recent coverage below.

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