Super-Secure, NSA Proof, Blackphone Ready for Shipping in July  

The much awaited NSA proof smartphone with advanced security and privacy features is about to hit the market before the start of July, 2014, according to media reports.

Several thousands of Blackphones, developed by Silent Circle in partnership with Geeksphone, have been already pre-ordered and sold out.

Available at a cost of USD 629, the smartphone is equipped with PrivatOS, an Android based operating system minus the privacy compromises; at USD 879, free software and services are provided.


Its features include privacy and security measures to make you confident about your personal communications, encrypted phone calls, texts and video chats, a Virtual Private Network to anonymize user’s web, smart disabling of all Wi-Fi except trusted hotspots, frequent secure updates from Blackphone directly, secure cloud file storage from SpiderOak.


Additionally, it is powered by “>2 GHz quad-core SoC and features a full set of premium features, such as a 4.7? HD IPS screen, LTE, HSPA+, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB of storage, >8MP primary camera with flash and 1.3MP front camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n WiFi, GPS, and more.”

The accessories along with the device include a 2-year Silent Circle app, 3 one-year ‘Friend and Family’ Silent Circle subscriptions, 2 years of Disconnect, 2 years of SpiderOak and an international power adapter kit.

Watch the Blackphone demo in below given Youtube video:

The smartphone was launched at Mobile World Congress 2014 in April held at Barcelona, Spain. The joint venture, SGP Technologies, touted it as ‘the world’s first smartphone which places privacy and control directly in the hands of its users.’

“We wanted to deliver not just the best privacy, but the best total package,” said Toby Weir-Jones, SGP Technologies’ Managing Director at the launch.

“Blackphone offers unprecedented value in a turnkey secure communications platform, and it’s easy enough to use that anyone who’s used a smartphone before will feel right at home as soon as they turn it on,” he added.

“We are thrilled that Disconnect Search is the default search provider for Blackphone, and that users will receive our Secure Wireless app, which is a smart VPN designed to provide safe browsing and in-app activity, and to stop wireless eavesdropping over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks,” said Casey Oppenheim, co-CEO of Disconnect.

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