Support the school referendum for safety needs, athletics | Letters To The Editor | #schoolsaftey

A lot of confusion is floating around about the District 77 Referendum. So let’s cover a few easy facts.

The first question is focused on safety and security of the schools. Our country has seen a terrible wave of school shootings and our students need a safe and secure place to learn.

Physical safety with secure entrances are a must for our students and teachers. Online safety is a must and integrating the latest cybersecurity is necessary for our children.

Second, our community values extracurricular activities (and cheers on our favorite teams) in the district. Mankato East and West just played their annual Jug Game and the town turned out again to watch an exciting game. But current facilities require a much needed upgrade to stay competitive in the conference and state.

The referendum deserves our support, the students deserve our support. I know they have my support. If you want the facts, read about the referendum at

Daniel Cronn-Mills

North Mankato

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