Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Accusing Google of Stealing Millions of Song Lyrics | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

The US Supreme Court refused to revive a lawsuit by music website Genius Media accusing Alphabet’s Google of stealing millions of song lyrics. From a report: The justices left in place a ruling that tossed out the suit, which accused Google of violating a contract with Genius by using its song lyrics in search results without attribution. It’s the latest victory at the Supreme Court for Google, which earlier this year won a battle over whether its video-streaming platform YouTube can be held liable for hosting terrorist videos.

There are deep disagreements over how copyright laws apply to online speech and aggregation. The lower court said Genius does not own any of the copyrights to its lyrics — instead, those are held by the songwriters and publishers. Genius claimed that Google violated its contract by scraping lyrics and boosting them in Google Search results without any attribution. Genius, which claimed the saga caused millions of dollars in losses for the website, initially sued Google in 2019. In order to drum up attention and prove its case, Genius said it used a secret code spelling out the word “red-handed” to prove Google was stealing its lyrics. “We appreciate the court’s decision, agreeing with the Solicitor General and multiple lower courts that Genius’ claims have no merit,” Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said Monday. “We license lyrics on Google Search from third parties, and we do not crawl or scrape websites to source lyrics.”

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