Surefire ways of Defense against Hackers on Social Media

In one of my previous articles I have mentioned the ways of finding out if you’ve been hacked or not; but after reading this, you will find out what appropriate measures to take for defending against hackers on social media.

Too many users of the internet are falling victim to hacking these days, for which this content is all about letting you know the most imminent measures one must consider to regain control over her private information from hackers.


This is easy to say, however, extremely difficult to follow when a situation turns crimson. Once you find out your personal account has been hacked, try finding out all the double verification systems you have enabled for stronger security guarding the social media accounts.

With this enabled, you will automatically receive text messages on your cell phone. As a result, you shall be able to figure out beforehand, if any hacker tries to breach into your account.


Once you fall victim to this cyber crime, you know that your password was already compromised, meaning it was too easy for hackers to break apart. That’s the instant when a user must reset her password.

Passwords must carry a combination of capital and small letters with unique symbols like @, # or & and numbers for maximum strength. Avoid these common passwords provided here at all costs.


For regaining control over your personal accounts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Look for “account recovery” that will guide you throughout the rest to find out how to get back your account.


There are bugs present in numerous algorithm that hackers often use for accessing into other personal accounts. The updates on the other hand, are turned bug free for the safety of users, and it’s not a wise decision for not installing these updates whenever notifications appear on the screen.

Click on system settings to find the update system for installing any updates. A regular practice will definitely save your profile from hackers.


Installing an anti-virus software is another, yet often overlooked way of defending against online hackers. Either pay for an outstanding anti-virus software from this list or choose a free one from this list. These are the ways you can protect your account from hackers to protect all your private data.


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