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LANSNIG, Mich. (WLNS) — In this week’s Tech Tuesday, a nonprofit technology business is offering Michigan companies a chance to participate in cybersecurity research to benefit them and students at Oakland University.

Cybersecurity is a growing topic many companies want to make sure they understand, especially when it comes to their vulnerabilities against cyberattacks. And that’s where the 40-question survey called the SensCy Score comes in.

“We want to know how mature they are in preparing for any potential security attack,” said Quangzhi Qu, a computer science professor at Oakland University.

Companies will also get back a SensCy Score, which is a measurement of a company’s cyberhealth, and a one-page report.

“This evaluation will help companies understand the risk to their brand, people, and supply chain posed by cyberattacks and help identify ways to improve cyber security policies and practices,” Qu said.

“We also need to let them know, even when you have the password and the firewall doing this protection, and the vulnerability, this network and system software can still open the door for the attackers then to sneak into the inside to steal information to disturb the manufacturing process,” he added.

The Oakland University Team will then take all the data that is collected to create a curriculum.

“We want to identify the most critical weak points and to come up with the curriculum and training program for the companies to participate in and enhance their security,” Qu said.

They are looking to survey around 200 small to medium-sized companies and hope to have this training program available by summer 2024.


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