Survey #Hints at #Cybersecurity #Communications Gap

Technology solutions provider CDW-Gtoday released a cybersecurity survey that may indicate a communications gap between IT departments and students.

The company surveyed 250 higher education IT professionals and 300 students on cybersecurity issues, finding that 91 percent of IT professionals who have experienced a breach said they have communicated the news to the student body, yet just 26 percent of students surveyed said they are aware of any cybersecurity breaches at their college/university in the past 12 months. Furthermore, 82 percent of IT professionals said they require students to take IT security training at least once a year — but only 35 percent of students said the same.

“There seems to be a discrepancy between what is being communicated and how students are digesting that information,” said Nicci Fagan, CDW-G’s director of higher education. “This suggests that consistent communication and awareness has to be a part of their emphasis. We are talking to colleges and universities not just about measures around cybersecurity, but also how they are sharing that information with students consistently and using multiple channels to get to students.”

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