Suspected north Belfast sexual predator referenced in Stephen Nolan interview ‘still living in Ardoyne’ | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

The family of a north Belfast man who alleged he was sexually abused believe hundreds of other people may also have been victims.

It has been claimed that several people abused by the suspected predator have died by suicide and drugs in recent years.

The abuse claims were made by Kieran McGrandles in a BBC series about Maghaberry Prison earlier this month.

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The 30-year-old and another man, aged in his twenties, died at a property in the Elgin Street area of south Belfast on May 5 this year.

Mr McGrandles, who was originally from Ardoyne and is believed to have died from a drugs overdose, had a troubled past and was gripped by addiction.

Earlier this year, Mr McGrandles was jailed for five months after assaulting a nurse who was treating him.

In an interview with BBC presenter Stephen Nolan he spoke openly about having suffered sexual abuse as a child.

In an agitated and angry outburst, he threatened to shoot a police officer, doctor and sex offender dead.

He later told how he attempted to carry out an arson attack on his abuser but stopped when he saw that man’s wife.

“Stuff happened to me when I was 11 or 12,” he told Mr Nolan.

“A man molested me.

“A man who used to give us drugs and bring us to his house, reeled us in, reeled me in.”

Mr McGrandles said others were also abused.

“I was only a kid, I didn’t know what I was doing,” he said.

“I was going in and this man was handing me lumps of dope.”

He added that the man touched him “and then things escalated”.

His uncle Seamus McAloran said the alleged abuser is known to his family and continues to live in Ardoyne.

“I think it’s a crime this man is still living in Ardoyne,” he said.

“There’s a sexual predator living in Ardoyne. How many other victims are there? There could be hundreds of others.

“He is still living there and still in the same house, is somebody covering for him?

Mr McAloran said the suspected abuser has worked with young people over several decades.

“It pains me that this guy has got away with this,” he said.

“Several young people who are dead can all be traced to this man and this house.

“What has he done in the years before that?”

Mr McAloran said that his nephew had named his abuser to close relatives and had tried unsuccessfully to make a report to police.

It has emerged that the family Mr McGrandles were not contacted by the BBC before the abuse revelations were broadcast.

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