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http://www.americanspecialops.com/ – DoD footage of Noblesville, Indiana Police Department – Emergency Services Unit (SWAT) training at Camp Atterbury Joint …

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7 thoughts on “SWAT Team Training – www.americanspecialops.com

  1. MusashiSolid206

    At 1:00 what’s with the fixed iron sights and absolute cowitness with the
    eotech? Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of having a holographic sight.

  2. WoodTapes

    Some of these guys don’t look professional or disciplined at all. They
    could learn a lot from the Military like SF, including why you shouldn’t
    clear a room with a fully automatic rifle XD

  3. jr7130

    So what happens when your fancy holographic fails? you have good old iron!
    That my friend is why they have back up sights

  4. Billy Bax

    First….Shouldn’t b able to be a swat officer unless you served in the
    armed forces in an infantry unit, otherwise u get a bunch of mall cop
    trigger happy duchebags who wanna b Rambo. Don’t know if that’s how it is
    out there but that’s Wut u get in LA

  5. Spikes746

    …because there are no grunts that are trigger happy huh?

  6. divecommando

    who are you talking to, no one said anything in the video or comments about
    not serving in the military before hand