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Mothers are always regarded as the warmest and most nurturing individuals in the world. But what happened in Florida left the internet in awe of the depths of irresponsibility and disregard for a child’s safety. A 41-year-old woman found herself in trouble due to her neglect of her kid, leaving him in a life-threatening situation for nearly an hour. 

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The shocking incident took place after the mother abandoned her kid in her car, and dived into the waters to fulfill a rather absurd wish. Risking her toddler’s life, the woman swam out in an attempt to meet sharks. However, the stunt did not go unnoticed as a witness reported the matter to authorities to take action and save the situation from going down south.

Abandonment and Disturbing Behavior by Daugherty


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On Monday, the people of Lee County of Florida had chills run down their spine after hearing the news of a 2-year-old kid left alone in a running vehicle. At the Bokeelia Fishing Pier, Allison Sarah Daugherty had allegedly left her son in the car while she dove off the pier to “meet sharks.” Fortunately, a vigilant witness had observed Daugherty’s whereabouts and reported to the local police about the incident.

The 41-year-old mother was charged with child neglect, per the New York Post. She left her son for 45 minutes in the car. Daugherty’s actions and carelessness raised serious concerns when she parked her 2007 Honda Pilot near the pier and left the car running with air conditioning and radio on. She proceeded to swim for about 20 minutes, leaving her toddler alone in a running vehicle. During this time, the 2-year-old child was left unattended inside the car, setting off serious concerns about the child’s safety. As time passed, the observers could not ignore the distressing scene unfolding before them. 

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Abandoned 3-Year-Old Found Unreactive Near a Community Swimming Pool in Georgia

In a hauntingly similar incident that happened just a month ago this year, the community in Fayette County, Georgia was confronted with another case of child abandonment. In that distressing episode, a 3-year-old girl was left unattended by the poolside and hospitalized as she lost consciousness in the water. In a report by NBC2 News, it is highlighted that a passerby suddenly saw a small boy playing inside the car and even a group of fishermen warned her about their hooks. But Daugherty reportedly responded with bizarre statements about wanting to “get hooked” and meet sharks.

Arrested and taken in Custody With a Bond Set at $250


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It is reported that a deputy officer quickly arrived at the scene but Daugherty, seemingly undeterred, swam farther into the water before being brought ashore. She had left her child unattended for 44 minutes. The child, described as still in diapers, was taken to a nearby restaurant, Capt’n Con’s, where he had lunch and later a relative picked him up from there. “He was a sweet little boy, very well-behaved,” Capt’n Con’s staff member Jenny Wray told sources. “He sat and ate and watched TV like oblivious to what was going on, thank god,” she added.

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According to Wary, Daugherty had visited the restaurant three times in the week leading up to her arrest, exhibiting unusual behavior on each occasion. “We called the sheriff’s office; she didn’t seem drunk. She didn’t seem intoxicated,” Jenny Wray commented further, “Something was just off.” Allison Sarah Daugherty faced a charge of child neglect and is currently in custody, with a bond set at $250. She is scheduled to appear in court on 2nd October.


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This horrible incident left the community stunned and concerned for the well-being of the child. The authorities are actively investigating the case, ensuring the child’s safety remains a top priority.

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