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PSA to all the horny dudes on the internet searching high and low for naked pictures of Sydney Sweeney now that she’s #MadeBoobsGreatAgain: head on a swivel. 

Apparently, a couple high-tech hackers have begun to pounce on the uptick of naked Sid the Kid searches over the past two weeks, promising to give you the goods but instead infiltrating your phone/laptop in malicious ways. 

According to the Daily Mail, Cybersecurity firm Malwarebyte has warned that people being redirected to certain sites risk clicking on an “unwanted browser extension or a malicious program.”

“Your browser may be redirected to due to malware infection on your device, push notifications from malicious sites, or by being redirected from another website you visited,” the experts shared in a blog post.

Sydney Sweeney nude searches skyrocket after SNL  

See, this is why we can’t have nice things. This is why AI is gonna ruin us. Back in the day, you could look up nude celebs at will and nobody would bat an eye. No judgment. 

Now, we have losers out there looking to take advantage of your curiosity. We used to be such a great nation. 

Anyway, the whole thing is being dubbed the Sydney Sweeney Leak campaign, and it was first spotted by 404Media earlier this week. It’s mainly targeting the folks over on Elon’s Twitter, and promising all the naked pictures of Sydney Sweeney your heart could handle by simply clicking a link. 

That link, of course, redirects users to sites like and, which shoot out malicious popups upon arrival. 

And for you tough guys out there who say, ‘I’d never fall for that!,’ the hackers are also including a couple blurred out pictures of naked Sydney Sweeney in the initial link to wet your appetites. 

Basically, a real serpent in the Garden of Eden situation. 

Anyway, consider this your one warning as we start a big weekend. Instead of risking it all, just watch Sydney in a Hooters outfit and be happy with what you get. 

You’re welcome. 


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