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Sydney-based control systems integrator SAFEgroup Automation has become the first company in the Pacific region to be awarded a Schneider Electric Industry Pacific Cybersecurity Specialisation.

The third of its kind worldwide, the endorsement recognises SAFEgroup’s technical and project execution expertise that meet Schneider’s cybersecurity standards. 

“In today’s interconnected world, the importance and concern surrounding cybersecurity is surging,” Schneider’s industry for the Pacific VP Carlos Urbano said.

“Failing to implement effective cybersecurity measures leaves companies, and their sensitive data exposed to the evolving threats of hackers and sophisticated cyber threats.”

“At Schneider Electric, our cybersecurity standards are extremely rigorous, and our cybersecurity awards are not granted easily.”

“This award marks the first of its kind in the Pacific region, and we want to congratulate SAFEgroup Automation on this outstanding achievement.”

SAFEgroup is a Master Alliance Industrial System Integrator that has delivered Schneider’s M580 automation platform through a cybersecurity framework, incorporating risk assessment and cybersecurity best practices.

This involved conducting a gap analysis, integrating the framework with its existing systems, performing a risk assessment and mitigation, deploying security monitoring tools, and conducting employee training and awareness programs. 

Via the implementation of the M580 platform, SAFEgroup has achieved improved cybersecurity, compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and improved profitability.

“At SAFEgroup Automation, we are committed to delivering high-quality projects with enhanced cybersecurity standards,” the company’s COO Aaron Mitchell said.

“We recognise the risk of becoming targets for cybercriminals is becoming increasingly greater as we become a digital world, so we couldn’t be prouder to have received such a well sought after accreditation.”

“We recently worked with a large water utility to close cybersecurity gaps in their network, which were making them a possible target for cybercriminals.”

“We provided the customer with comprehensive training and cybersecurity resources, including the deployment of cutting-edge solutions such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and advanced threat intelligence.”

“This, in turn, bolstered the utility’s resilience against potential cyber-attacks, safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring the continuous, secure delivery of water services to the community.”


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