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SYSTEM HACKED: Recently (June 13), some hackers assaulted the system of one of the prominent online service providers in Pakistan specialising in motorcycle-based services, and stole critical user data. Soon after the incident, an insulting message started popping up on the screens seemingly from the same corporate account, but naturally posted by the hackers. The message suggested that the hackers belonged to India. The cyberattack clearly exposed the weak security measures employed by the service provider in question. All such platforms should strengthen their security levels to prevent hacking incidents in the future. It causes embarrassment to them and tarnishes the image of the country.

Ayub Hanif

REPAIRS NEEDED: Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed’s tomb — the famed Hazrat Baba Ghulam Fareed Mithanwi shrine — was built in 1901. He was a Chishti sufi saint from Mithan Kot near Rajanpur in south Punjab. It used to be a beautiful shrine that has not been properly taken care of, and its current state calls for some immediate attention. The man who, among other things, penned the famous kafi, Yaar Daadi Ishq Aatish, Layee Haay, certainly deserves a better deal by the authorities concerned.

Muhammad Waseem

POOR PLANNING: Last year, a new drainage system was introduced in parts of the capital. The sewage line was built on one side of the major road, ignoring the houses on the other side. Since then, those living on the other side have kept digging the main road to connect their sewage pipes to the main line. This has resulted in the destruction of the newly-built road. The government did the wrong thing by ignoring a key element in its initial plan, which led to faulty execution. Subsequently, the residents, having no other choice, took the law into their own hands and dug up the road. Everyone responsible for doing this to a residential locality should be dealt with sternly.

Naseem Malik

Published in Dawn, June 22nd, 2023


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