TAC Security finds stored cross site scripting vulnerability in Intel’s developer mesh portal

Chandigarh based cyber security firm, TAC Security recently found a vulnerability on Intel’s developer mesh portal called Stored cross site scripting.

Trishneet Arora, CEO TAC Security says that one of his researchers found this vulnerability through HackerOne platform and they reported it back to Intel. “With this vulnerability, an attacker can run dangerous Javascript code into the web application and may result in the compromise of the user’s account.”

This attack tool can result in hijacking another user’s browser, capturing sensitive information, defacement of the application. “Stored cross-site scripting flaws are more lethal than most other vulnerabilities because it does not need a separate delivery mechanism to reach the users and not hindered by web browsers XSS filters.”

Intel security team reached out to the TAC Security team and appreciated their efforts in providing details on the above mentioned concern.


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