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Going After the Good Guys: The Government’s Ransomware Identity Crisis

Why fixing that ransomware attack might get you indicted Editor’sNote: We’re pleased to publish this article from attorney Ryan Blanch, sharingan expert perspective on some of the legal issues in the cybersecurityindustry. When itcomes to ransomware, malware, and hackers, the government is finding itdifficult to keep pace with the quickly…

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Police launch thousands of investigations into suspected crimes on Finnish Silk Road | Yle Uutiset

Silkkitie was one of the oldest and internationally best-known trade sites selling narcotics through an encrypted network, according to Finnish Customs. Image: AOP Police have launched thousands of criminal investigations into suspected narcotics offences committed over the drug-selling dark web site Silkkitie, or Silk Road, which officials seized earlier this…

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