We did a double-take when we saw the tweet. In hindsight, we’re not sure why, because the announcement was short, even for a tweet, and entirely unambiguous: IT’S ANDROID. FOR THE IPHONE. Introducing Project Sandcastle: Android for the iPhone. We’re excited to see what the developer community builds fr… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… — Corellium (@CorelliumHQ) March 04,...
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Apple has just announced its latest round of security updates. As usual, Apple’s fixes arrived unheralded, given the company’s insistence that security fixes are best handled simply by publishing them when they’re ready, rather than following any sort of formal schedule. Not everyone agrees – Microsoft has followed its Patch Tuesday process for many years...
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On Monday, Google pushed out an update for the iOS version of Smart Lock, its built-in, on-by-default password manager. Smart Lock – which has been available for Google’s Chrome browser since 2017 – now also lets iOS users set up their device as the second factor in two-factor authentication (2FA), meaning that you no longer...
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