#infosec | ‘Secure’ Backup Company Leaks 135 Million Records Online

[ad_1] A company claiming to provide “the world’s most secure online backup” leaked metadata and customer information in over 135 million records after misconfiguring an online database, Infosecurity has learned. The team at vpnMentor discovered the privacy snafu as part of its ongoing web mapping project that has already uncovered major cloud data leaks at […]

#infosec | Security Vendor Leaks Over Five Billion Breached Records

[ad_1] A London-based cybersecurity vendor appears to have leaked a massive database of previously breached user information dating back seven years. Researcher Bob Diachenko found the unsecured Elasticsearch instance on March 15. It contained two collections, one with 15 million records updating in real-time, and another containing nearly 5.1 billion. He claimed the data was well […]

Apple’s iOS pasteboard leaks location data to spy apps – Naked Security

[ad_1] To most iOS users, pasteboard is simply part of the way to copy and paste data from one place to another. You take a picture, fancy sharing it with friends, and your phone uses the pasteboard to move the image to the desired app. Now an app developer called Mysk has discovered pasteboard’s dark […]

#infosec | Sports Giant Decathlon Leaks 123 Million Records

[ad_1] French sporting retail giant Decathlon has become the latest big brand to expose user data via a misconfigured database, leaking over 123 million records including customer and employee information, according to researchers. A team at vpnMentor uncovered the 9GB database on an unsecured Elasticsearch server. It contained information from Decathlon’s Spanish, and potentially also its UK, […]

KidsGuard stalkerware leaks data on secretly surveilled victims – Naked Security

[ad_1] “KidsGuard?” What an inappropriate name. It should be called KidsStalk-N-Dox, given that the makers of this consumer-grade stalkerware left a server open and unprotected, regurgitating the private data it slurped up from thousands of victims’ devices after a parent or other surveillance-happy person stealthily installed it. The spyware app’s unprotected Alibaba cloud storage bucket […]

#infosec | PhotoSquared: App Leaks Data on Thousands of Users

[ad_1] A popular photo app has leaked the personal data and images of thousands of customers via an unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage bucket, it has emerged. Researchers at vpnMentor discovered the misconfigured S3 database, which was left without any password protection, belonged to PhotoSquared, a company which creates printed photo boards for users […]

#infosec | Alleged Source of Soccer Leaks to Stand Trial

[ad_1] The alleged source of a series of information leaks that rocked soccer and sparked an FFP investigation into the finances of Manchester City Football Club is to be tried before a Portuguese court. An appeal lodged by Portuguese national Rui Pinto to have the accusations against him dismissed as “unfounded” was rejected earlier this […]

#infosec | US Education Non-Profit Leaks Data on Thousands of Students

[ad_1] A US education non-profit appears to have unwittingly leaked the personal information of thousands of students after leaving two online MongoDB databases exposed. The privacy snafu was discovered by noted researcher Bob Diachenko and affected the Institute of International Education (IIE), an organization set up to promote educational and cultural exchanges with other countries. […]

#infosec | Hacker Leaks Alleged Tesla Design Secrets

[ad_1] A hacker has taken to Twitter to share design secrets they allegedly obtained by compromising American automotive and energy company Tesla.  Posting on the account @greentheonly on Friday night, a hacker who calls themself “Green” said that Tesla was planning to introduce new hardware to their S and X model cars.  Modifications that Green claims are in […]

#infosec | App Leaks Thousands of Baby Photos and Videos Online

[ad_1] An app designed to record and share milestones in a child’s development has leaked thousands of images and videos of babies online. Bithouse Inc., the developer of the Peekaboo Moments app, failed to secure a 100 GB Elasticsearch database containing more than 70 million log files dating from March 2019. As a result, information […]

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