Taking the fight to hackers has become a test of nerve

Jonathan Luff and Grace Cassy run Cyber London, which hopes that providing mentoring and funding will help Britain to lead the world in cybersecurity

From Donald Trump appearing to invite Russia last week to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails to reports yesterday that 200 million Yahoo accounts had been put up for sale on the “dark web”, cybersecurity companies are enjoying plenty of free advertising.

“Everyone is talking about it, from Obama to Putin,” Ronni Zehavi, an entrepreneur and investor in IT security companies, says. “It’s the most effective marketing campaign in history.”

Data breaches at big companies have become almost commonplace, from the publication of embarrassing staff emails from Sony last year to the exposure of personal data belonging to people who used Ashley…

Source: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/taking-the-fight-to-hackers-has-become-a-test-of-nerve-cql8nw9xs

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