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I write to congratulate our Mayor and our City Council for passing the resolution to support Anti-discrimination in Lander.

I am a retired MD. I am a woman very happily married to a wonderful man. I have been a homeowner in Lander for 12 years.

I’m proud of how the 145 people at the Council Meeting on June 13 conducted themselves during the statements by community members about the resolution.

And I respect the two women who gave passionate statements about their objection to the resolution.

The two women were articulate and respectful.

To the first woman who argued that having Pride celebrations in City Park could hurt children and families:

I assure you that being gay or lesbian is not “catchy” – in fact, seeing a man embrace a man, or a woman embrace a woman might give you a chance to talk to your children about difference in families – and tolerance.

Lander City Park is sometimes the venue for music performances. If I don’t appreciate the style of music that’s going to be performed, I don’t object and try to restrict them. I just don’t go to City Park that day.

To the second woman who spoke about “Have you seen the pictures of the mutilating surgery being done?”:

A person who is gay or lesbian is not transgender and is not a sex predator.

As for transgender people – there is no facility in Wyoming which performs gender re-assignment surgery, so maybe she should stop worrying about it? If she believes that she has photos of such procedures, she should seriously check to see if they were “photo-shopped” or otherwise altered. I do not believe that they exist.

Joanne Orr MD

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