Talk Talk faces hacking compensation bill running into millions

Talk Talk has conceded that it could face a compensation bill running into millions for customers whose bank accounts were raided after the telecoms company was targeted in a huge cyber-attack.

The company, which has been accused of ignoring warnings that it was vulnerable to such attacks, has admitted that personal data belonging to all its four million customers could have been compromised.

Talk Talk says it is now preparing to investigate thousands of cases in which customers say they have either had their bank accounts raided directly, or have lost money after being persuaded to hand over access to their home computers.

It emerged last night that:

* The latest cyber-attack on Talk Talk began as early as September 10, but have only just been made public

* There have been at least three attacks on data belonging to Talk Talk customers in the last ten months

* Victims have told The Telegraph they have lost life savings and valuable possessions as a result of being scammed following the data breaches

* Scotland Yard has launched a major investigation into the hacking attack, including a ransom demand sent to the firm’s chief executive

Talk Talk revealed on Thursday evening that hackers had stolen personal details of its customers, including dates of birth, telephone numbers, credit card and bank account details, which can be used to carry out identity fraud.

Although the firm yesterday said that on its own the information could not be used to access bank accounts, dozens of people have already begun to come forward to say that they had lost money or fallen victim to scamming in the past few weeks, as a result of the attack.

Some customers have reported losing their life savings in the sophisticated sting operation.


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