TalkTalk hack was just friends having a laugh: Cyber-criminals who witnessed data breach said there were no criminal mastermind behind attack… and they just did it

Hackers have claimed ‘at least 25’ cyber-criminals had access to TalkTalk customers’ personal information following the attack on the company.

Four people who claim to have witnessed the attack unfolding, including one who said they were involved, told Channel 4 News that it was ‘fun’ to carry out the hack which has affected more than a million customers.

An expert told the programme that a flaw in TalkTalk’s security was easily found by hackers using Google.

The hackers claimed there was no criminal mastermind behind the attack, it was merely a group of friends ‘laughing’ about a flaw they had exposed in the company’s security.

They said the break in took place days before TalkTalk uncovered it on Wednesday, October 22.

One hacker said: ‘It was in a Skype group call…with a lot of laughing and making fun of TalkTalk.’

They added: ‘There was no group, it was just a few friends laughing about a company with bad security. It’s fun for us.’

Another said he was ‘shocked’ that such a major company did not have adequate security.

He said: ‘I tweeted TalkTalk about an hour before everything happened and they weren’t interested, so I thought f*** them, their security is their problem.’

The attack enabled cybercriminals to access the personal details of TalkTalk customers.

At least 25 people had access to the list, which was passed around the hacking community, hackers told the programme.

Police are continuing to investigate the attack and have arrested four people: a 15-year-old boy from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, two 16-year-old boys from Norwich and Feltham, West London, and a 20-year-old man from Staffordshire. None have been charged.


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