TalkTalk hacked details sold in black market for just over a pound each

Hacked TalkTalk customers’ bank details are now up for sale for just over a £1 each in black market websites.

 Express reported that the details emerged online Sunday. The information includes people’s names, phone numbers, addresses, and even account numbers. Charging £1.50 for each detail, the people behind the massive cyber crime could generate huge profit from peddling the information. The fraudsters are selling the details online to multiple people, who will then try to use them on fraudulent activities. Hackers gained access to information from more than four million TalkTalk customers in the UK. Online scammers find these data highly valuable.
According to Mail Online, Eastern European criminal gangs are the main buyers of the stolen information. There is a total of 21,000 bank account numbers, codes, and phone numbers that were hacked in the massive security breach, according to TalkTalk. Now, there are reports that one hacker could earn up to  £150,000 out of one data and selling it to multiple gangs.

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