Targeted strike: Drone drops anti-spying leaflets over NSA complex in Germany

Adopting a propaganda technique from the WWII, German activists used a drone to drop anti-spying leaflets over the National Security Agency complex in Germany, hoping they would encourage intelligence workers to quit in protest over mass surveillance.

Intelexit’s newest campaign was captured on video. Opening with stirring, uplifting music, a man in a business suit with his face hidden by a large drone branded “Intelexit” is seen. The drone is then loaded and flown on its “airborne leaflet operation” to Dagger Complex, a US military installation south of Frankfurt, where the leaflets are released to flutter down onto the complex.

The Dagger Complex is a hub for the NSA’s surveillance and espionage activity in Europe, employing 1,100 people, according to the Intercept.

“We are inviting our many supporters to think of innovative ways to reach those who are in distress because of their role in supporting mass surveillance and drone warfare,” Sascha Fugel, a spokesperson for the campaign, said in a press release.

The contents of the leaflets is not described, but a brochure accompanying Intelexit’s press statement described the company as an exit program for those in the intelligence community who are looking for a way out. It says the group provides help with counseling to solve conflicts of conscience, evidence-based arguments to dispel myths about the benefits of surveillance, and help with resignation letters.

The organization also provides a large network of organizations and people that offer legal, psychological and advocacy support for the cause.


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