Tasmanian woman to appear in Cairns court on identity theft charges

A Tasmanian woman charged over a swathe of fraud and identity theft offences has been remanded in custody.

Cassandra Thomas, 50, appeared in the Cairns Magistrates Court this morning charged with more that 130 offences.

She was extradited from New South Wales yesterday, more than 18 months after she and her daughter Courtney Glover allegedly skipped baill after setting up two kids clubs in the Far North.

The court heard Ms Glover is likely to be extradited from Victoria on Wednesday to face similar charges.

The case was adjourned to Thursday. The court heard this morning she may apply for bail.

EARLIER: A TASMANIAN woman will appear in a Cairns court this morning accused of a major identity theft scam in the Far North almost two years ago.

Cassandra Thomas, 50, and daughter Courtney Glover allegedly breached their bail and have been on the run since mid 2015 after setting up kids clubs in Trinity Beach and Innisfail.

The pair, who are alleged to have multiple aliases, inundated social media when they arrived in the Far North in 2015, promoting the clubs that offered children’s parties, dance classes and a play centre.

They allegedly stole the identities of multiple people who had applied for jobs at the clubs, using them to take out cash loans, and also pocketed money from potential kids club customers.

The total of the fraud is alleged to be more than $140,000.

Ms Glover was taken into custody for fraud-related offences in Victoria last week and it is alleged Ms Thomas fled again before being tracked to an Albury motel by Cairns and New South Wales detectives.

Ms Thomas was extradited back to the Far North yesterday and is due to face Cairns Magistrates Court this morning charged with more than 130 fraud and identity theft offences.

Detective Sgt Adrian Worth said the alleged offences took place on both the Gold Coast and in Cairns during 2014-15.

The pair allegedly superimposed their own pictures on to other people’s identities such as passports and drivers ­licences.

Sgt Worth said many of the victims didn’t realise what had occurred until they were ­contacted by debt collectors.

It is understood there are at least 20 alleged victims ­involved.

Cairns detectives are also expected to seek the extradition of Ms Glover pending her Victorian court matters.

Far North detective Insp Geoff Marsh said identity theft had a major and long-term impact on victims.

He said the detectives had pursued the pair since they had breached their bail.