Technical Support 3 Core

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires the services of one Technical Support Specialist, hereafter referred to as Worker(s), who meets the general qualifications of a Technical Support 3 Category, Core Technology Type and the specifications outlined in this document for the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

All work products resulting from the project shall be considered “works made for hire” and are the property of the TEA.  TEA may include pre-selection requirements that potential Vendors (and their Workers) submit to and satisfy criminal background checks as authorized by the Texas law. TEA will pay no fees for interviews or discussions, which occur during the process of selecting a Worker(s).
•             Design, install, configure, and update board meeting room AV systems and equipment. Responsibilities include programming and configuring control systems, video matrix switches and scalers, and audio digital signal processors. Install projection systems, sound and public address systems and equipment.
•             Support and maintain videoconference equipment and audio systems.
•             Provide AV system training and support for TEA staff and board members, including the creation of tutorials and end user documentation. The documentation should be apart from ordinary system material. Documentation should be specific to the hardware used along with the manner in which it is used
•             Maintain boardroom, meeting room, and event AV systems and equipment, including CS5VU Mixer, US Audio PressPower, AKG Gooseneck Mics, Sure AMS6000 Mixer and various recoding equipment. Responsibilities include developing procedures and processes to proactively maintain complex AV and control systems, including documenting those procedures and overseeing the completion of this work is performed in a timely manner.
•             Analyze installed AV equipment and control systems for ease of operation and effectiveness and make recommendations for upgrading or replacing systems and equipment.
•             Coordinate AV system upgrades and changes with Communications Department and ITS staff to limit service interruptions and minimize downtime.
•             Provide training and direction to Communications and ITS contractors and staff.
•             Troubleshoot issues as they occur and communicate to ITS staff in a technical manner.


Minimum Requirements:
Years     Skills/Experience

8              Experience in all aspects of computer support, the practices, principles, and techniques of
computer operations; of information systems; of computer software and hardware; and of
information security policies and procedures. Extensive knowledge with various types of cables               and  wireless networks.
4              Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university and two years related
experience in AV control system programming with a clear understanding of advanced AV          systems and integration practices. Audiovisual control system programming, debugging,

troubleshooting, and good communication skills are required.  Preference for engineering          degree.
2              Two years related experience in AV control system programming with a clear understanding of
advanced AV systems and integration practices. Audiovisual control system programming,
debugging, troubleshooting, and good communication skills required.

Years     Skills/Experience

3              Has an understanding of EIR Accessibility technical standards and interoperability with assistive
technologies used by people with disabilities. Develops solutions and work-arounds in support
of customers requiring special assistance for obtaining information or inaccessible completing
self-service tasks.

Work will begin as soon as possible through August 31, 2016, part-time approximately 80 per month.
Total estimated Worker hours shall not exceed 1000 hours per worker.  This service may be amended, renewed, and/or extended providing both parties agree to do so in writing.

A.            Services shall be provided during normal business hours unless otherwise coordinated through the TEA. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding State holidays when the agency is closed.
B.            The primary work location(s) will be at 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701.  Any and all travel, per diem, parking, and/or living expenses shall be at the Worker’s and/or Vendor’s expense.
C.            TEA will provide pre-approved, written authorization for travel for any services to be performed away from the primary work location(s).  Pre-approved travel expenses are limited to the rates and comply with the rules prescribed by the State of Texas for travel by its classified employees, including any requirement for original receipts.
D.            The Worker(s) may be required to work outside the normal business hours on weekends, evenings and holidays, as requested.  Payment for work over 40 hours will be at the hourly rate quoted and must be coordinated and pre-approved through TEA.


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