Teen accused of posing as doctor arrested in Stafford on fraud charges

A teenager who made national news earlier this year after being arrested for practicing medicine without a license, as well as other offenses in Florida, has been arrested again, this time in Stafford County.
Malachi A. Love–Robinson, 19, who is free on bond pending multiple charges in Florida and who was not supposed to leave the state, was arrested Friday evening in Stafford while trying to purchase a $35,000 vehicle from a county car dealership.
Love-Robinson is charged in Stafford with making false statements to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses and identity fraud. He was booked into the Rappahannock Regional Jail early Saturday.
According to Stafford Sheriff’s Maj. Don Lenhart, Love-Robinson went to Kargar Motors at 3316 Jefferson Davis Highway about 4:45 p.m. on Friday to complete a car purchase. He had already completed an online credit application using his real name. An elderly woman who was with him was listed as a cosigner.
Josephina Morris, the finance director at the dealership, said Love-Robinson told employees that the woman was his mother. The woman later told police that Love-Robinson was a distant relative who considered her to be his godmother and that she knew nothing about being a cosigner on this loan or any other.
Lenhart said that during the purchasing process for the Jaguar, dealership employees became suspicious of some of the things Love-Robinson was saying. They googled his name and found a number of stories regarding his criminal arrests in Florida, including one in which he is accused of setting up an office and practicing medicine.
Morris said Love-Robinson began acting “squirrelly” after being at the business for nearly an hour. He told employees he was leaving and to call him when the loan was ready for final approval.
The dealership called the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy C.L. McCormick responded. Love-Robinson was called and told that his credit had been approved and he returned to the business about 30 minutes later. He had resumed the purchasing process when McCormick and another deputy came out of a back room and approached him.
Lenhart said Love-Robinson told the deputies that he’d come to Virginia to buy cars for himself and his godmother. He said she had agreed to be his cosigner and he admitted that he was out on bond on Florida charges that include practicing medicine without a license.
Deputies then interviewed the elderly woman, an Emporia resident who employees said seemed confused. The deputies asked if she felt like she was in any danger or being taken advantage of, and she said she did not.
But Lenhart said the woman’s demeanor changed when she was shown a credit application with her name and social security number on it. She said she had not given Love-Robinson permission to use her as a cosigner.
The car dealership ran her credit history as a favor to the woman. It was discovered that two other loan applications had been taken out in the woman’s name in recent days. A check with her credit card company revealed there had been a $1,200 charge on Thursday for two iPads and a cellphone that she knew nothing about.
Lenhart said the iPads and other items were seized from Love-Robinson at the time of his arrest. Police said more charges are possible in Stafford and elsewhere.
According to court records, Love-Robinson was arrested in February for operating a fake medical practice in West Palm Beach. An undercover agent visited New Birth New Life Medical Center and Urgent Care and received a physical exam and medical advice, court records state.
Love-Robinson was arrested again about a month later and accused of stealing $35,000 from an 86-year-old woman. Police said he stole checks while making house calls to the woman’s home to treat her for stomach pain.
Love-Robinson is being held without bond. His arraignment in Stafford General District Court had not been scheduled as of Saturday.


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