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Teen Mom fans fume ‘there’s no excuse’ for Jade Cline’s ‘dangerous’ parenting decision in new video of daughter Kloie, 5 | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

JADE Cline from Teen Mom has been called out by critics for potentially putting her child in danger.

The 26-year-old reality television star was featured in a teaser for the most recent episode of the show that was posted on Instagram.

Jade Cline was featured in a new teaser for an episode of Teen MomCredit: Instagram/Teenmom
In the teaser, Jade’s five-year-old daughter was shown in a car seatCredit: Instagram/Teenmom

In the clip, Jade’s baby daddy Sean Austin, 29, surprised the Teen Mom with a visit from her long-distance best friend.

Their reunion was sweet and Jade and five-year-old Kloie ran towards the friend when they saw her and greeted her with a big hug.

After the heartfelt reunion, the MTV crew showed a clip of the little girl sitting in her car seat.

She was wearing a bright pink jacket and a white shirt that allowed viewers to see exactly where her car seat straps were.

Unfortunately, Kloie’s straps looked extremely loose as she was sitting in her seat.

Jade didn’t appear to tighten the straps before driving the vehicle.


Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Jade in a Reddit forum for the “dangerous” position she put her daughter in.

One said: “There is no excuse for Jade driving around with her child’s safety straps this loose.”

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Another said: “The way she’s ‘strapped’ in is nearly as bad as not being strapped in at all. In a crash, she could still be ejected from the vehicle with the straps like this.”

A third said: “There’s just literally no excuse. I was 16 when I had my son & I went to the fire department & they installed it properly for me for free. It’s just pure laziness.”

Someone else said: “There could be an entire sub dedicated to the teen moms and their neglectful car seat use.”


In July, Jade showed how grown up her daughter looks in a new photo that she posted on social media.

In the pic, Kloie smiled while sitting in a dog pen with numerous tiny pups around her.

She knelt down on a blanket as she pet her new furry friends.

The youngster didn’t look so young anymore, appearing just like her mother with her long blond locks flowing down.

Jade gushed over her daughter’s smile in the photo, writing over it: “Kloie is in puppy heaven lol.”

Fans also recently wondered if the couple was expanding their family after noticing a suspicious detail in Jade’s latest posts.

One person raised the theory in a popular Teen Mom forum by posting the caption: “Call me crazy but I think Jade is pregnant. They got wedding pics done already. I haven’t seen many belly pics, in fact, seems like she’s hiding her belly maybe? Lol”

The user was referring to Jade’s recent Instagram posts, including one she posted in May of her and Sean dressed in bride and groom attire.

The reality star quickly shut down the speculation and replied: “Unfeel it lol I don’t want more kids for a long time lol.”

Fans noticed that Kloie wasn’t properly strapped into her car seatCredit: Instagram/jadecline_
Kloie’s straps were very loose, and one fan said she might as well not have been strapped in at allCredit: Instagram/jadecline_
It’s been rumored that Jade is pregnant again, but she quickly shot those rumors downCredit: Instagram/jadecline_


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