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A bragging teenage thug brazenly wields two hunting rifles for the camera – just days after he left a stranger seriously wounded in an unprovoked meat cleaver attack.

Michael McDonagh, 19, posted bragging snaps of himself holding the guns complete with telescoping sights whilst he was on the run over an horrific assault which left the victim with one of his fingers partially severed.

Manchester Crown Court heard on Monday that McDonagh carried out the vile attack on Jason Stansfield, 41, on August 18 last year.

Michael McDonagh, 19, left his victim’s finger partially severed in a vile meat cleaver attack. Days later, the teenager posted images of himself brandishing hunting rifles on Facebook

Mr Stansfield, who had been visiting an elderly friend, put his right arm up to protect himself but the meat cleaver hacked into his elbow leaving a gaping wound which exposed the bone.

The second blow then connected with his middle fingers, leaving one hanging down from a tendon in his hand.

Doctors managed to save the finger and applied stitches to Mr Stansfield’s wounds but he has been left with limited use of his right arm with his hand looking ‘like a claw.’ He said later: ‘My arm is of no use to anybody now at all.’

Today, defiant images of McDonagh brandishing two hunting rifles which were posted on Facebook in September last year emerged as he was locked up for eight years after he was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. 

A teenage thug who hacked a stranger's arm has been pictured wielding guns just days later

A teenage thug who hacked a stranger’s arm has been pictured wielding guns just days later

McDonagh who denied wrongdoing was arrested on September 22 after police examined CCTV of him leaving the scene and matched his trainers to a pair found at his home. He gave a no comment interview to police but was later picked out at an identity parade by the victim and subsequently claimed he had acted in self defence.

He had 26 previous offences on his record dating back to 2014 including assault on police, house burglary, arson and aggravated vehicle taking.

During the assault Mr Stansfield heard someone shout: ‘Come on Michael’ before the attacker fled. The victim then staggered to the nearby Church Inn public house.

Mr Paul Dockery prosecuting said: ‘His two middle fingers were very badly cut and will have taken some remarkable surgery to get them in good working order again.

‘He was fortunate to get immediate medical assistance but at his trial when he gave evidence he held his fingers as if in a claw. He is a vulnerable man whose physical well-being was not immense although he was able to express himself in court firmly at times.

It is feared that the ugly attack was a case of mistaken identity and the victim needed surgery

It is feared that the ugly attack was a case of mistaken identity and the victim needed surgery

‘An uncle Tommy was related to the defendant which perhaps gives some reason why he was there and that he had come to exact some sort of revenge.’

The court heard the meat cleaver was never recovered.

The court heard McDonagh hailed from a notorious Irish travelling family and had ‘behavioural issues’ having previously been expelled from his primary school for attacking a fellow pupil.

A probation report on him said McDonagh had ‘entrenched pro criminal attitudes’ and added: ‘He is he deeply suspicious of authority and no stage has expressed any concern or empathy for the victim in this case.’

McDonagh gave a no comment defence before he was picked out by the victim in an ID parade

McDonagh gave a no comment defence before he was picked out by the victim in an ID parade

In mitigation defence lawyer Paul Bryning said: ‘He is quite plainly someone who has learning difficulties and thy resulted in him struggling to control with emotions.

‘His father committed suicide when he was just six years of age and that is something which has always trouble him and he have never come to terms with it. he is has been assessed as someone who himself is vulnerable.’

McDonagh wept as the judge Mr Recorder Mark Ford QC told him the attack was ‘brutal’ and added: ‘I am concerned about the lack of concern you have for the victim despite the severity of his injuries as a result of your actions. This man was an extremely vulnerable victim, emaciated and in poor health. His injuries were horrific and he did not know you.

‘This was a pre-planned and premeditated decision to exact vengeance with a vehicle waiting to take you away. Had the victim not parried the blows with his arm and hand the injuries would have far worse. You express a concern that your ethnic background, an Irish travelling background would be held against you. You can be assured nothing is further from the truth.’

‘Members of your family are well known to the criminal justice system but I make it clear you will not be sentenced adversely because of that – though I acknowledge pro-criminal attitudes may have influenced your behaviour. I cannot accept that you are genuinely remorseful.’

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