Teenager Wealthy by 400K Pounds by Selling Harmful Software he Created

The Old Bailey is in knowledge of a teen computer hacker who earned nearly 300K pounds via sale of software he programmed that was utilized for executing 1.7m assaults against online sites worldwide.

Apparently, Adam Mudd has been appreciating his status on the Internet more compared to the money he earned from sale of his Titanium Stresser computer program that allowed its user to flood data into computers and websites to the point of crashing.

Mudd, a resident of Hertfordshire, lived with his father and mother at Kings Langley street. He sold his PC program to cyber crooks and they by employing it caused destruction to companies to the tune of several million pounds.

Charged with computer offenses, Mudd is to be present at Old Bailey. The hacking software he sold impacted the world’s nearly every important city as well as big organizations, particularly Sony and Microsoft. With Asperger’s syndrome, the teenager, by the age of 18, minted nearly 400K pounds through sale of his software to cyber-criminals during 2013-2015. Ibtimes.co.uk posted this online dated April 21, 2017.

At 20-yrs of age now, Mudd took payments in Bitcoins or USDs for letting others use the program that leveraged DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assaults against the websites targeted. For all the three charges against him such as hiding criminal property; breaching Computer Misuse Act by creating and offering article for offensive use; and executing illegitimate acts towards destabilizing computer operations; Mudd has admitted his crimes.

According to Jonathan Polnay, prosecutor of Mudd, the hacking software made a worldwide impact. Mudd himself executed a total of 594 DDoS assaults covering a time of 18 months. Regarding one assault on West Herts College where Mudd studied, Polnay says it wasn’t any white-hat, casual examination for knowing the things going on.

While present for the hearing Mudd agreed committing security breaches on his college along with East Anglia University, Essex University, Cambridge University, among 70 colleges and schools; and local councils.

During March 2015, Mudd faced arrest from his home while working on his PC. His sentencing is scheduled for the coming week.


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